Commercial Contract Consultants Perth - Support and Solutions


Tough market conditions will lead to an increase in Legal Disputes due to tightening Contractual Controls. It is estimated that decreasing commodity prices as well as slowing economic conditions will affect up to 35% of all businesses. As a result many businesses will suffer due to unbalanced Contract Conditions combined with a lack of Contractual experience. 

Commercial Contract Consultants are a Perth based company and we can provide your business with access to a wealth of knowledge and experience and will fight for you in order to  even the contractual playing field.

If your seeking a lower cost alternative to lawyer fee, we can provide you with the Contractual Help you need.

DON'T be a statistic, contact us for a free consultation today.


We are a Perth based company providing contractual and commercial advice and solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. At Commercial Contract Consultants (C.C.C) we believe the old adage 'prevention is better than a cure' is more relevant in business than ever before. So as to ensure continued growth in your business we offer cost-effective solutions to your business in relation to commercial and contractual problems. We also offer a wide range of commercial and contract training programs, and ongoing commercial support. 


It is our belief that no matter the size of the Business, Contract or Client, the contractual playing field should always be level. Through ongoing support and training this balance can be achieved over time.


  • Business Coaching.
  • Contractual review, help and drafting.
  • Terms and Conditions audit and drafting.
  • Commercial Advice and Support.
  • Contract Administration support and services.
  • Contractual management and mechanisms.
  • Defects claims.
  • Dispute avoidance and resolution.
  • Delay and EOT claims.
  • Procurement Support.
  • Seminars and training.
  • Superintendent services.